Cuba recalls first interpretation of the National Anthem.

Cuba: At Plaza de Bayamo, where 153 years ago the people sang for the first time the lyrics of the National Anthem, residents of that city remembered the event that led to celebrate October 20 as the Day of the Cuban Culture, Radio Reloj reports.

Actors, soloists and the Concert Band starred in the cultural show, which also evoked the triumphant entry into Bayamo of the Mambí Army, led by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, on October 20, 1868.

That day at the foot of the now Cathedral of San Salvador, Bayamo’s inhabitants sang the lyrics of La Bayamesa warrior march, written by Perucho Figueredo, and became Canto Patrio, which continues to call Cubans to combat because the homeland contemplates you with pride and dying for the homeland is living.

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