Regirá en Cuba horario normal desde el 7 de noviembre.

Cuba: At 01:00 in the morning of Sunday, November 7, the clocks must be set back one hour, with which the normal time will be restored throughout the national territory of Cuba, coinciding with the countries of the Northern Hemisphere that use it.

With the application of normal hours, there will be a greater use of artificial light, which increases the demand for electricity in the Electric Peak Hours, which will occur between 05:00 in the afternoon and 09:00 at night.

Consequently, the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy makes a call to promote saving as a life practice, both in homes and in workplaces.

That entity, attached to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, exhorts to use only the necessary lighting and equipment during these hours, trying to shift household activities outside of peak hours.

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