National Electoral Council in Venezuela.

Caracas: The National Electoral Council (CNE) today registers the fulfillment of 82 percent of the activities of the schedule designed for the November 21 elections, the president of the organization, Pedro Calzadilla, informed.

In statements to the Globovisión channel, reviewed by the CNE in a press release, Calzadilla asserted that the development of the electoral process ratified the preservation of peace on the agenda of political confrontation, Prensa Latina publishes.

“Everything indicates that we are going to defeat abstention, the participation of political parties proves it, which contributes to us going to an election with a high level of participation,” he said.

Regarding the guarantees for holding the upcoming elections, the official highlighted the performance of a total of 16 audits to verify the transparency and legitimacy of all aspects related to the exercise of suffrage.

In particular, Calzadilla mentioned the comprehensive audit of the automated voting system, carried out by a group of Venezuelan experts and academics, who worked for 45 days on an exhaustive analysis of the different components, with a satisfactory result, he said.

“We have a system that will serve to express the popular will, that sentiment and decision of the people will be expressed safely, that is another important guarantee,” he said.

The president of the CNE also emphasized the broad call for organizations and institutions to participate in the process of observation and monitoring of the elections.

In this sense, he specified that eight international delegations and six national social organizations are accredited for the upcoming elections.

Calzadilla ratified the commitment of the highest electoral body to be the guarantor of compliance with the regulations and legal provisions relating to the campaign, for which more than two thousand electoral prosecutors were deployed throughout the country.

In this regard, he indicated that during the last days some illegal content was identified in the propaganda transmitted through the media.

“We are impartial arbitrators and we are determined to guarantee equal conditions,” said the president of the CNE, mentioning the detection of informational imbalances and insufficient coverage of the electoral campaign in some media. Venezuela will go to the polls on November 21 to elect the country’s 23 governors and 335 mayors, as well as members of the regional legislative councils and municipal councils.

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