Havana, Cuba: The right of assembly, demonstration and association is in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, but the State cannot recognize it if it lacks the lawful and peaceful character, the Ministry of Justice stressed today, Prensa Latina publishes.

The director of Legislation of that body, Ana Ercilia Audivert, recalled that the Magna Carta establishes in its articles 1 and 4 that Cuba is a socialist state of law and social justice, as well as the irrevocable nature of the system.

The specialist reiterated that everything planned against these sections is considered an illegal attitude.

The exercise of the right of demonstration, embodied in the Law of Laws, does not support the march scheduled for November 15 because it is not carried out in harmony with the budgets and constitutional principles, the expert emphasized.

Audivert Coello argued that the defense of the socialist homeland should prevail over provocative behaviors such as the one mentioned above.

According to the specialist, this action is illegal and its peaceful purposes are questionable, based on the precedent set on July 11, as well as the interests and actors behind the march.

She added that Cuba is not the only nation that establishes limits on rights in the interest of national security, respect for the general welfare, order and morals.

Regarding this demonstration, the Government of the Caribbean nation underlined its subversive nature and its alignment with the interests of the United States.

From sectors of the Cuban-American ultra-right based in Florida to government representatives of the United States made explicit their support for this demonstration and reiterated their desire that it provoke a regime change on the island.

In this sense, specialists from different social branches warn about the Unconventional War or the script of a soft coup d’état that is being applied in Cuba following the parameters of a supposed non-violent struggle.

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