Manufactured Gas Company carries out repair of a fault in ENERGAS plant.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Manufactured Gas Company informs its clients that although the service to the population will not be affected, it is necessary to carry out a shutdown of the ENERGAS Refrigeration Plant, in charge of guaranteeing natural gas to Havana, Radio Rebelde reports.

Correcting the fault that occurred in that facility requires an approximate time of 15 hours, starting at three in the morning on Friday, November 12.

A note from the company indicates that they are jobs that cannot be postponed, and that this will result in a possible increase in the smell of gas in homes that receive this fuel, commonly known as gas from the street, “but this does not mean that there are leaks”, the text points.

ENERGAS, an entity that processes gas associated with oil, guarantees its shipment to Havana after a cleaning process, with the aim of being used in cooking food; this benefits more than 250,000 families living in eight Havana municipalities, approximately one million people, as well as other facilities.

The company apologizes and communicates to its clients that to report any emergency it is possible to do so through the telephones 7204-5252, 7204-5253 and 7207-6769. The customer service email is customers@egm.cupet.c¬u

It can also be contacted through the Facebook profiles Empresa de Gas Manufacturado, Instagram @gasmanufacturado and on Twitter @empresa_gas.

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