Granma, Cuba: The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and president of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, affirmed in Bayamo that work in the neighborhoods is here to stay, and it has to be systematic, sustainable and increasingly perfect , Radio Reloj publishes.

Díaz-Canel, confirmed the transformation of the Pedro Pompa neighborhood in Bayamo, and guided the undertaking of a series of actions to serve the most vulnerable people in a differentiated way and indicated that to have more solidarity.

The Cuban president said that working in the neighborhoods and improving it includes concepts of socialism, and includes many issues that the Eighth Congress defined as problems that must be overcome.

The objective of doing politics working as People’s Power, was highlighted by the Cuban president, and said that companies cannot intervene in the neighborhood, since it is about making a diagnosis of the problems

Power is exercised by the people

In the Pedro Pompa neighborhood of Bayamo, subject to socioeconomic transformations, Miguel Díaz-Canel said that the municipal Assemblies value the problems of the communities, since the concept of Popular Power states that power is exercised by the people.

He stressed that it is a superior moment in the work of the People’s Power, if progress is made in the neighborhood, Cuba advances, the entire people participates, include the vulnerable and those who neither study or work.

Díaz-Canel, pointed out that we cannot have young people without doing anything, and specified that they analyze all the programs of the Revolution developed in the special period, under the guidance of Fidel, to resume them.

The Cuban president added that everything that comes to be done in a neighborhood, or in a municipality must be consulted with the people, because no one can go above the delegates and the municipal assemblies.

Revitalize the livestock business

Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel was in areas of the Cauto Cristo Agricultural Pole in Granma, and called for the revitalization of the Roberto Estévez Ruz Agricultural Company, from Cauto Cristo, founded by Fidel.

Armando Santiesteban, director of the entity, said that they have the capacity to fatten 10 thousand bulls, and only have 5 thousand, but the rise in the price of milk encourages farmers to train more cows, and also increase the meat of beef.

The first secretary of the Central Committee visited also in La Algarroba agroecological farm, owned by the usufructuary Alfredo Proensa, and in areas of the Various Crops Enterprise Mártires de Artemisa, which requires large investments for irrigation.

During his visit to Granma, Díaz-Canel was accompanied by Roberto Morales, member of the Political Bureau, Alejandro Gil, deputy prime minister, and Gerardo Hernández, Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

Díaz-Canel found progress in agriculture

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, considered this Thursday that Guantánamo is advancing to be one of the first provinces to plant a cavalry of bananas for every thousand inhabitants.

During his visit, Díaz-Canel spoke with Pedro Manuel Dorado, one of the most prominent exponents of the Enrique Campos Caballero Credit and Services Cooperative, decisive in the territory’s self-sufficiency program.

Previously, in a tour of the La Cecilia community, he insisted on the importance of popular participation and the management of local governments for the transformation of the neighborhoods, while emphasizing that the decisions are approved and explained to the people.

At the meeting, Díaz-Canel learned details about the works to improve the water supply, roads, drainage and the state of the houses.

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