Vatican: Pope Francis made a call in favor of thousands of migrants held in concentration camps in Libya, during a remote interview on a popular program on the Italian television network Rai, in which he also spoke about his life.

“What is done with the migrants is criminal, they suffer so much to reach the sea. There are recordings about the concentration camps, I, yes, use this word, of traffickers in Libya. What those who want to flee suffer, can be seen in these recordings “, the pontiff said from his residence in Santa Marta, in the Vatican.

Also, Francisco returned to refer to the Mediterranean as the largest cemetery in Europe and regretted that after that suffering they are rejected. “And there are these ships that turn around looking for a port, who are told that they can’t and that they die at sea,” the pope said.

In the interview that lasted almost an hour, the pontiff spoke of more personal issues such as his few but true friends. “I need my friends. It is one of the reasons why I did not go to live in the papal apartment,” Francis said. “The old popes were saints, I need human relationships,” he joked.

When Fabio Fazio, host of Che tempo che fa (How’s the weather?), asked him what he wanted to be when he was a little one, the pope replied that he thought of becoming a butcher because “when I went shopping with my grandmother I saw the butcher who had a bag where he put a lot of money,” he recalled. He also said that he really likes classical music, as well as tango. When asked if he had danced tango when he was young, the pontiff did not hesitate to answer: “a porteño who does not dance tango is not a porteño”.

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