Brussels: The Belgian Labor Party (PTB) highlighted today in a publication on social networks, Cuba’s resistance to the blockade imposed by the United States for more than six decades, Radio Habana Cuba reports.

The organization recognized that despite the aggressiveness of the United States, the Island continues on its socialist path, just a few days ago, the 60th anniversary of the signing by then President John F. Kennedy of executive order 3447 that made the fence official, applied for a long time before.

The United States has tried throughout this time to strangle the small island economically, commercially and financially, as part of its purpose of quelling any attempt by the countries of the South to bet on its independence, he stressed.

The PTB denounced the consequences of the blockade in the daily life of Cubans, from the lack of medicines and the impossibility of using computer programs to the obstacle to financial transactions.

Even the Caribbean nation grappled with the need for syringes to complete its vaccination campaign against Covid-19, the progressive party warned, citing a report last year by the humanitarian organization Oxfam on the impact of that Washington policy.

But Cuba resists, even though the blockade was reinforced by the administration of Donald Trump (2017-2021), hostility maintained by his successor Joe Biden, he insisted.

During his administration, Trump decreed 243 measures to tighten the siege against the island, 60 of those actions dictated in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and all of them in application one year after Biden’s arrival at the White House, despite his election campaign promises to eliminate some of them and revise others.

The PTB stressed that Cuba is following its socialist course, marked by social achievements such as free health and education and the eradication of illiteracy.

It also valued the success of the largest of the Antilles in creating vaccines to combat Covid-19 and its solidarity with other nations on the planet hit by the pandemic, including Europe.

For 60 years, Cuba has inspired the peoples who aspire to their sovereignty, affirmed the PTB, which demanded in its publication respect for the Caribbean country and the end of the blockade imposed by the United States.

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