Ministra de Comercio Interior explica fecha de distribución de algunos productos normados.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The late arrival of imported raw materials, even after their suppliers have been paid, and interruptions in production flows, led to delays in supplies or out of the month of some lines of the standardized family basket, and of others whose sale in the warehouses is controlled, such as cleaning products and cigarettes, Cubadebate reports.

Given the temporary stoppage of cigarette production due to a lack of inputs that arrived in the country at the end of January, only what was left in the inventories corresponding to December could be marketed, the head of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, explained.

He stressed that according to the criteria or decisions of each territory, based on their plans and the availability of each province, their distribution must be restored in February, in addition to clarifying that in the current conditions of scarcity, sales will not stop being regulated.

Regarding coffee, she pointed out that on January 28, the volumes of the month itself were placed in the groceries of the wholesale trade units, that is, its distribution or cycle in the retail network began late, even though its sale in the markets is established to do it from day one.

Then, in February, the same thing will happen as in January in terms of the commercialization of coffee, a product of the regulated family basket that will have a shift within the month itself, Díaz Velázquez said.

Regarding cleanliness, she also stated that the non-arrival of raw materials on time, due to the pressure exerted on Cuba by the US blockade, affected its production cycle, especially that of laundry soap, for which the distribution of the soap corresponding to January must be completed in February.

The Minister of Internal Trade also reported that due to the problems with the start of the sugar harvest, initially one or two pounds per capita will be sold in the groceries this month, until gradually completing its delivery.

This has even led to the fact that in territories such as those in the east of the country only raw sugar is sold to the population, while in Havana refined sugar is maintained, a situation that will return to normality as soon as the industry guarantees the deliveries established for national consumption. .

Regarding powdered milk, another line whose marketing takes place in the midst of many tensions, the head of the Mincin said that given its limited volumes, only those intended for children, pregnant women and chronic childhood diets are prioritized.

Those for the first 15 days of February are already guaranteed, but we still do not support all diets because the necessary amounts of powdered milk do not reach the country and this makes necessary to give priority to the population groups that need it most, Díaz Velázquez said.

Finally, she clarified that the medical diets are maintained until, together with the Ministry of Public Health, all the cases that, according to the criteria of the health authorities, should receive them are reviewed in the territories, and then a resolution will be issued between the two agencies.

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