Havana, Cuba: The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba issued a Resolution with the purpose of updating the requirements and conditions to be fulfilled before that body for the formalization of the merchandise that arrives in the country as part of the international cooperation that the Island receives.

According to the document, the heads of the agencies of the Central State Administration, relationship bodies, national entities, higher business management organizations, as well as the governors and the Mayor of the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud direct the approval document of punctual donations to the Head of customs clearance.

In order to promote greater agility in this process, the text defines that the approval text is presented by the entities designated for formalization, in digital or printed format, as part of the complementary documents of the Goods Declaration, according to Granma newspaper.

In the new resolution, the entity designated to formalize the Goods Declaration presents to the control customs, as complementary documents, the Sworn Declaration, signed by the head of the cooperation project, which certifies that the goods to be imported are contained in the projects of international cooperation that Cuba receives; or the document that approves the punctual donation.

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