Cuba desmonta red de tráfico ilegal de drogas.

Havana, Cuba: Cuba dismantled an illegal drug trafficking network aimed at introducing synthetic cannabinoids into the country, and ratified the government’s zero tolerance policy against this scourge, Granma newspaper reported.

The Cuban government blamed that of the United States for the impunity with which elements dedicated to this scourge, which grows and develops in the world for being a very lucrative business, act from that territory.

As a result of several police operations carried out, authorities demonstrated that an émigré in the United States persisted in organizing the shipment to the national territory of synthetic cannabinoid for its subsequent commercialization in the Cuban capital.

The Instructor of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Captain Arnal Ramos Maqueira, said that the modus operandi used by the subject for the introduction of the drug was the masking of the substance in the false bottom of portfolios.

He said that the complexity of the investigation was influenced by the total impunity with which the Cuban émigré acted in the United States, who has not responded to the accusation.

During the operation, 605 grams of synthetic cannabinoid and 656 thousand 470 pesos were seized. As a result of the illicit activity, a sealing machine, empty envelopes to mask and market the drug were seized.

Three electric motorcycles, 16 cell phones, two digital weights, a 22-caliber pistol with seven projectiles and several gold garments were also added.

The results of this case confirm the political will of the Cuban Government of zero tolerance in the face of this scourge and of continuously strengthening the illicit confrontation and the improper use of drugs.

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