Brussels: During a Feminist Forum organized by MEPs, Cuba will share achievements and experiences of the empowerment of women in its society, despite the severe impact of the US blockade in all areas, Deputy Arelys Santana said today.

The Island’s representative at the event, which will take place on March 1 and 2 in this capital, stressed to Prensa Latina the importance of the space convened by the group of the Left of the European Parliament, for its opportunity to expose the reality of a country enrolled in battles such as the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed by Washington for more than 60 years and the Covid-19.

It is very valuable for us to talk about the experiences and positions of Cuba, which thanks to science and with its own resources, including vaccines, has successfully faced the pandemic and today shows a satisfactory situation, said the president of the Commission of Attention to Children, Youth and Equal Rights for Women of the National Assembly.

In that sense, she recalled the manipulation with which the big media usually reflect the reality of the largest of the Antilles and its Revolution.

According to Santana, in the forum organized under the theme Resistance and Brotherhood, she will address the participation of Cuban women in the fight against Covid-19, government actions to accompany and promote their empowerment, and daily life in the context of the blocking.

During the pandemic, Cuban women have been on the front line, side by side with men as well as in every task: in the family, in science, in health care, and we will proudly highlight that, said the deputy, who will speak on Wednesday on the topics Feminist alternatives against the alliance of patriarchy and capitalism and The female Resistance around the world.

Another relevant issue that we will highlight, she added, is the fact that we are one of the countries with the greatest presence of women in Parliament, which also happens in other aspects of society.

Santana told Prensa Latina that in the Feminist Forum based in the La Tricoterie room, she will share initiatives of the State in favor of equality, in particular the National Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba, created by means of a Presidential Decree, and the agreement of the Council of Ministers for the Comprehensive Prevention of Gender Violence.

The achievements and advances in female empowerment and in all areas are the fruit of the resistance of Cubans against the unjust blockade, a war every day, with which we deal with creativity and rebellion to resist and advance, she affirmed.

The parliamentarian denounced that the siege imposed by the United States was intensified by the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021), with dozens of hostile measures decreed in the midst of the pandemic, all maintained by his successor in the White House, Joseph Biden.

They wage a war on us in all sectors: health, food, transportation, services, a cruel policy of cruelty, which did not even respect the pandemic, she warned.

Santana arrived in Belgium over the weekend with an extensive agenda, which will include meetings with federal senators and parliamentarians, European Union authorities linked to gender equality issues and MEPs.

This Monday, the visitor, accompanied by the Cuban ambassador Yaira Jiménez, spoke with Ernest Urtasun, vice president in the European Parliament of the Los Verdes group, to whom she explained the characteristics of the Family Code, on which the inhabitants are debating these days. of the Island.

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