Havana, Cuba: A provision of the Council of Ministers of Cuba in force from today accelerates the introduction of the digital signature in the entities and organisms of the State, the government and the finances, Prensa Latina publishes.

Agreement 9266 of 2022 of this body establishes that before April 30 of this year the digital signature mechanism will have to be used in the bodies, agencies of the Central State Administration, the Central Bank of Cuba, all national entities and local people’s power agencies.

The text establishes that the Ministry of the Interior will issue in March the regulations to specify it and the Ministry of Communications is in charge of enforcing them.

According to the document, the introduction of the digital signature within the financial and governmental institutions is accelerated with the purpose of achieving greater efficiency in the management of the public administration within the framework of the Digital Government.

Based on the quality, systematicity and promptness of this experience, assessments will be made for its subsequent generalization to the public.

Cuba recognizes since 2018 the validity of documents in digital format signed electronically with the use of digital certificates of the National Public Key Infrastructure.

Since 2016, the Ministry of the Interior established the Public Key Infrastructure in the interest of the cryptographic protection of the official information of the Republic of Cuba and approved the regulations on its operation.

In October of last year and experimentally, the first digital signature certificates were issued to workers affiliated with the Tax Administration Office and the Firm was launched, an application that makes it easier for users to use certificates through their own mobile phones.

A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism that enables the recipient of a digitally signed message to identify the issuing entity of said text, and confirm that it has not been altered since it was signed by the originator.

In Cuba until now it is the company Softel of the Informatics and Communications Business Group of the Ministry of Communications which provides this service.

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