A Garment to Preserve Health

Never before has a piece of cloth been so helpful in preserving health.
Never before has a piece of cloth been so helpful in preserving health. Photo: Radio Caibarien

After six months of fighting Covid-19, the use of the mask face is still a necessity to avoid contagion with this virus and also to protect ourselves from other diseases.

That garment that has become our everyday attire, and although some of us found difficult to accept it due to the lack of habit and the discomfort to breathe, it has been our best ally.

The use of the nasobuco is among the most effective measures to avoid contagion with SARS-CoV-2 and it is a proven fact. It protects us and eliminates the chances of the virus reaching our body.

Never before has a tiny piece of cloth been so useful in preserving health. With the arrival of the pandemic, this mask, as some people say, became part of us.

At first there was reluctance, then understanding and acceptance and today when someone notices that is on the street without the face mask it seems like one is naked in public or caught red-handed.

The face mask is here to stay; it is our best shield in the prevention of communicable diseases such as Covid-19 and other infections. Having the flu was to be the fashion in Cuba at other times. Today fashion passed and the company of the mask face is decisive now.

When the Covid-19 result defeated by science and our country returns to its normal vitality, something that we all wish, among the measures that should remain for a longer time should be the use of the mask face in public places, then it will be the individual responsibility to use it to protect ourselves and others.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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