Let’s Eliminate the Noise from our Neighborhoods

The problem lies in the high decibels.
The problem lies in the high decibels Photo: 10 percent health magazine

Most Cubans need a melody to carry out the several domestic tasks they perform on a daily basis such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Without a doubt, music is responsible for longing past times and remembering friends and family.

It is the hobby that the inhabitants of this island enjoy the most. That is good. The problem is when high decibels shake the surroundings and flood the neighborhood. Surely you have suffered such a situation firsthand.

You want to listen to your music, watch your movie, rest or at least read and you have El Chacal or any other foreign singer inside your house. It is proven that we are musical, that we need a melody to live and improve our moods. But we do not respect the space of others.

At present noise is one of the most aggressive pollutants as it is a distorting element that bursts into the environment around us and deteriorates the quality of life of human beings who are the ones who are most exposed to its damage and we also have a receptor sensitive to the phenomenon: the ear.

In recent years, noise pollution has increased in Cuba and a large part of the inhabitants are exposed to losing part of their hearing and other health disorders. Legislation has been established to eradicate this evil.

But do you always pay attention to these legal norms? Are they applied?

I think that we all have the right to a healthy environment, which is nothing more than the right of each person to enjoy a healthy life, which is protected by laws.

Let us expel the noise from our neighborhoods and respect the space of others.

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Milay Vega Villar

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