Resources for the Current Cold Season Guaranteed in Mayabeque

They have protection for five fundamental crops. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: Resources for the current cold season are guaranteed in Mayabeque, one of the most committed in the country with food production.

According to the Director General of State Agriculture in Mayabeque, Juan Carlos Estévez Borge, they have protection for five fundamental crops: rice, potatoes, beans, and seedlings.

They also use biological media. “We in the province have 10 Entomophagous and Entomopathogenic Reproductive Centers (CREE), 2 that are from Azcuba and 8 from agriculture, but all are based on food production, the protection of different crops”, Estévez Borge said .

The director general of agriculture called on producers to use biological means in order to replace the inputs that are scarce.

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Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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