Martí, Vital Spring of this Revolution

José Martí, National Hero of Cuba.
José Martí, National Hero of Cuba. Photo: Cubadebate.

Much of José Martí is being discussed these days in Cuba and not only because it is January and the almanac refers to 28.

168 years ago in Havana’s Paula street people spoke with enthusiasm about the Master, also almost a year ago certain clandestines, who are never so many, decided to open a new calendar by splashing with red of dishonor some of the busts erected in homage to the Apostle in the capital of the country.

It was then, as they say in Cuba, when we all jumped, on one side those who love and found, on the other those who hate and destroy.

Worthy Cubans know that on that occasion if they got into the biggest and tooth and nail, we galloped off, raising energy for radical changes as well as hoisting his line for resistance and continuity because Martí, vital spring of this Revolution, is a little of each one of us and we read it from our vision of the world.

I consider too naive the attitude of those who pretend that calling the people of Cuba to violent acts is materialized in the changes they have been waiting for six decades and I find it even more naive that those who assume violence as the path they use in the beginning, nothing less than the Apostle.

A man who organized a war, but whose figure appears in our imagination separated from the bullets and associated with the idea of ​​good, equality, peace and culture.

The children of Cuba have deep-rooted the certainty that José Martí is more than January 28, May 19 and the National Hero, since he cannot be subscribed to statues or visions.

José Martí was an exceptional human being who taught us that “Honor Honors”.

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Yainely Guerra

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