Bejucal Municipal University Center Begins School Year

La CUM de Bejucal apoya a estudiantes de la enseñanza superior que viven en esa municipalidad y que son matrícula en otros centros de altos estudios.
The CUM of Bejucal supports higher education students who live in that municipality and who are enrolled in other centers of higher studies. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Municipal University Center (CUM), of Bejucal, begins the 2020-2021 school year, complying with the new guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education, due to the epidemiological situation of the country.

The University Extension Advisor and Communicator of the higher education institution, Lianned Coelho Pérez, reported that the course adopts a non-face-to-face nature, divided into blocks and periods, therefore new measures have been adopted such as working by WhatsApp groups that are coordinated by the teachers of the subjects themselves.

What happens to the students residing in the municipality who are enrolled in the different Universities of the province and the country?

To this question, Coelho Pérez answered that the CUM has created the conditions so that they can access the WEB sites of each of these higher education centers, through one of the computers, they will also receive advice here related to all the exercises and jobs that guide them from their universities.

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