Comply with and Enforce the Measures to Stop Covid-19

Its fundamental mission is to enforce the measures for the transmission phase in which the town is located. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: As part of the measures to prevent the advance of Covid-19 in Madruga, temporary working groups were set up in the four Popular Councils of the municipality.

Delegates from constituencies, community factors, Public Health personnel and economic entities of the territory, make up each team to face indiscipline.

According to the vice president of the Municipal Assembly in that town, Lázaro Yankay Ofarrill, they have the fundamental mission of enforcing the measures that the Municipal Defense Council (CDM) established for the phase of Limited Autochthonous Transmission in which our territory is located.

Regarding the actions carried out with the Civil Defense group in the sanitation and disinfection of the municipality, he explained that they treat the busiest places in the town.

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Yadira Montero

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