Habanos World Days Event Highlights Quality of Cuban Cigars

Habanos World Days highlights the quality of Cuban tobacco. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Havana: The second day of the Habanos World Days virtual event adds aspects to the knowledge of the quality of Cuban cigars, Prensa Latina.

Cuban cigars grow in an excellent climate, good soil and long experience of producers, elements that are basic when it comes to expressing they are the best in the world.

Meanwhile, cigars have a way of production composed of totally natural factors, essentially the tobacco leaf with a complex procedure and curing, which many compare with the grape’s itinerary before turning into wine.

Official data recall that of 440 million Premium cigars sold per year globally, 250 million are consumed in the United States, which makes that nation the world’s biggest market for this kind of cigars.

Cuba has 77 percent of the market share, without considering US citizens, due to the economic closure measures implemented by Washington against Havana, which are now tightening.

The Island operates with 45 companies, among them 16 agricultural industries, eight tobacco companies, 10 twisted tobacco companies, four cigarette factories, and seven related to services and marketing.

Cuba has 50 twisting factories for export, and an equal amount for national consumption, two other industries make machine tobacco, as well as cigarette and wooden box packaging industries.

In this tobacco system, around 200 thousand people work, including many relatives of the producers who help with the harvest.

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