For more agricultural yields

In favor of agricultural development.
In favor of agricultural development. Photo: Author.

Mayabeque, Cuba: After more than six months of hard work clearing marabou and aroma, at the El Valle Agricultural Pole the first results are beginning to be palpable.

The project is scheduled to take three years. In the initial stage, the land in operation exceeds the 40 hectares and in the process of preparation for planting it exceeds the 140.

Among the main crops are bananas of different varieties and cassava, all with genetic quality. The purpose is to create a seed bank in this area, which will allow them to be self-sufficient and market to the peasants.

In order to make efficient use of the fertile lands of the Valley, they will intersperse short-cycle plantations, such as sweet potato, cucumber, pumpkin, corn, among others.

The entire development process of the Santa Cruz del Norte Agricultural Pole is supported by feasibility studies developed between the Agricultural Company of the territory and GEOCUBA specialists, in order to harmonize with the environment and obtain the expected production volumes.

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Nileyan Reyes Miranda

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