Work alternatives to stop the Community Transmission of SARS COV-2

One of the alternatives is teleworking.
One of the alternatives is teleworking. Photo:

Mayabeque, Cuba: Remote work in the current stage of Community Transmission in the capital of Mayabeque constitutes one of the main measures for social isolation and the prevention of the new Coronavirus.

Based on the national epidemiological context and the prolongation of the pandemic, alternatives are taken in labor and social security matters to continue with the production of institutions and companies that are essential for the economic and social development of the country.

One of these modifications was teleworking, with the aim of not suspending work activities, not affecting the domestic economy and in turn preventing the spread of the SARS COV-2 virus.

In the case of sectors where people work directly with the population, such as services, actions are also taken to maintain control and safety of employees and the public in general.

The mandatory use of the mask, the foot step at the entrance of the institutions and the disinfection of surfaces and hands with chlorinated or alcoholic solutions were established.

In San José de las Lajas, for example, cafeterias, self-employed workers and businesses cease their work at noon, to reduce the flow of people on the streets. In the rest of the centers, the schedules were agreed in order to respect the restriction of movement from one in the afternoon and until six in the morning.

All these measures try to reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus in the territory, a situation that still remains very complex with high numbers of infections every day. The health authorities insist on group and individual responsibility in all social spheres in order to curb the current epidemiological contingency.

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