Complex epidemiological situation persists in Batabanó

Complex epidemiological situation in the face of Covid-19.
Complex epidemiological situation in the face of Covid-19. Photo: Radio Reloj.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The municipality of Batabanó maintains a complex epidemiological situation due to Covid-19, with a record in the number of infections in the last week accumulating 464 positive cases and one death.

Due to the number of sick people, the Temporary Working Group together with the public health sector activated a high-risk center in the Seguidores de Camilo y Che elementary school in the territory, with a capacity of 70 people, where they receive patients positive to the antigen test.

This was highlighted by the director of the Pascuala Restituta Municipal Polyclinic, Dr. Lázaro Mederos Batista, who added that the high numbers of contagion are due to social indiscipline and high transmissibility in family nuclei.

This forces us to work with greater organization and to increase sanitary measures, health protocols, leave the house only if necessary and avoid visits from friends and family.

From the community we have to be able to fight the battle and work tirelessly to stop the pandemic.

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Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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