Responsibility and discipline in times of Covid-19

Need to be responsible and disciplined in the face of Covid-19
Need to be responsible and disciplined in the face of Covid-19

Mayabeque, Cuba: July concluded with the worst indicators of Mayabeque in the confrontation with Covid-19, marked by the sustained increase in confirmed cases and the number of deaths and an incidence rate among the highest in the country.

Faced with this reality, we must recognize the circulation of more contagious and aggressive strains and also the unjustified lack of risk perception in the population.

The excess of mobility in the municipalities and the failure to comply with the protection measures ruin the worsening of the epidemiological situation in the province.

Individual and collective responsibility and discipline have to be imposed on society; this is decisive to be able to defeat the pandemic, which has been resistant.

Common sense calls self-care and protection, those are the main weapons to prevent the deadly disease.

The length of this health crisis cannot be a reason to lower our guard; on the contrary, we must strive to lower gaps to Covid-19.

It is a sensible act in the face of the tense situation facing the country due to the impact of the pandemic and the intensification of the United States blockade, to which is added a crude and fierce media campaign of manipulation and disinformation.

From many parts of the world, solidarity support, humanitarian aid with food and medical supplies reaches the largest of the Antilles, as a sign of appreciation for Cuba’s resistance and in reciprocity for the long history of solidarity of our people.

That is another reason for all of us to do our part, it is about defending health and life. Take care of ourselves today so that we can continue to love and build a better country together tomorrow.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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