Among the deceased during the weekend are five minors.

Chicago: Numerous shootings in the American city of Chicago left 90 people injured between last Friday and Monday, and caused at least 14 deaths.

This was the weekend with the highest number of shooting victims so far this year, reports The Chicago Sun-Times. Among those who died during the weekend are five minors.

According to Radio Habana Cuba, some people were affected in places considered safe. For example, a 64-year-old woman was injured while at home, and a three-year-old boy died after the attack on her father when they were driving around town.

“These children are not criminals”, ABC quotes Chicago Police Chief Detectives Brendan Deenihan, referring to the deceased minors. “They are not gang members. They have nothing to do with the controversies out there and they are simply shot dead for no reason at all”, Deenihan added.

City Police Superintendent David Brown said the bullets destroy neighborhoods and ruin any sense of security in the community.

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