President of the Solidarity and Cooperation Association, Víctor Fernández.

Havana, Cuba: Three projects in sectors such as education, culture and access to drinking water come to life today in the Cuban provinces of Cienfuegos and Camagüey.

Promoted by the Cuba Coopération France association (CubaCoop, the projects signify the commitment of the French organization created in 1995 to the socio-economic development of the largest of the Antilles, amid the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States and its exacerbation by the current administration.

There are two the positions of CubaCoop’s, one is to strongly condemn this blockade and the other is to translate that rejection into concrete actions to support the Island and its development.

According to the president of the solidarity and cooperation association, Víctor Fernández, the project in Camagüey has a contribution of 30 thousand euros, intended for research into the bacteriological action of the TradiFiltro ceramic filter in polluted waters in urban and rural areas of the easternmost of the central provinces of the Caribbean country.

The initiative developed by the Water Technology Science and Innovation Company, with the Cuban National Institute of Hydraulic Resources as a counterpart, seeks to improve the production capacity of ceramic filters for purification.

The project includes objectives such as the installation of a thousand filters for the treatment of water for human consumption in four Popular Councils and to provide sustainability to the workshop of these media.

In Cienfuegos there are two projects supported by CubaCoop, with donations of resources for educational plans and cultural activity in communities in the central territory.

The sending of furniture, printers and other means worth 15,000 euros stands out for a classroom specialized in teaching the French language and improving the conditions of schoolchildren with autism problems.

Regarding cultural development, he highlighted the donation of equipment and materials worth 30,000 euros for the Creative Strokes Free Zone initiative, led by artist Santiago Hermes, which represents an interactive space for artistic production brought to the community.

The president of CubaCoop, an association involved in dozens of socio-economic development projects in Cuba over the past 25 years, assured that there are other actions underway, including related to health aid, with the shipment of hospital beds.

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