Russia to Register its Vaccine against the New Coronavirus on Wednesday

Russia: Russia announced that on August 12 it will register its vaccine against Covid-19, according to the Deputy Minister of Health, Oleg Gridnev.
“At this time, the last and third stages are underway. The trials are extremely important. We have to understand that the vaccine must be safe”, the official told Sputnik News.

At the beginning of last week, the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, reported that a massive vaccination campaign would soon take place.

According to the statement, all documents are also currently being verified, including data from clinical trials, which ended last month.

More of the vaccine

After the registration of the drug on August 12, it will be produced on a large scale in September, and the first doses will be ready in October to be administered to the population, prioritizing risk groups, the elderly and health personnel.

Speaking to the RIA-Nóvosti agency, Alexánder Gintsburg, director of the Gamaléi Center, assured that “children will not be vaccinated in the first stage”, since “we will have to wait until the drug has completed a full cycle of tests in adults”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reacted cautiously to the Russian vaccine and recalled that all testing phases must be completed before a license is granted. “There are currently hundreds of vaccines in the testing process, and they must comply with the guidelines and regulations to proceed safely”, the spokesman of that body, Christian Lindmeier, said.

The United States, Great Britain and Canada recently accused Russia of espionage. The Cyber Security Center of Great Britain (NCSC) warned that many countries are targets of the group known as APT29, which, according to this body, is “almost certainly” part of Russian state intelligence. However, the Russian ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, denied it.

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Health responded to information issued by the US channel Bloomberg and denied that it is true that the vaccine is now being offered to doctors and officials.

Russia will become the first country to register a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

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