Selective Screening Exams to Detect Cancer in Güines

Mayabeque, Cuba: During this month of August, in the municipality of Güines, a group of selective cancer screening tests are being held.

The different types of carcinomas looked for are prostate cancer, which is detected through the PSA in men, especially those over 45 years old and colon cancer, with a stool occult blood test.

According to the deputy director of Hygiene and Epidemiology, in the locality, the doctor in Comprehensive General Medicine, Lisandra Estanquero, they also are carrying out breast examination in women. In addition, the review includes male patients, which although with less frequency, it can occur in them.

Oral cancer is studied in the population that is prone to developing it, in this case, stomatologists play an important role, through visits and consultations.

All these kind of cancer will be studied in the primary care system and will be carried out in the different municipalities, to be followed up in the hospitals specialized in this pathologies.

These studies are also carried out in the Home for the Elderly and in the Crisanto Betancourt Psychiatric Hospital.

Edilsa Hernández García

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