Díaz-Canel: Force Cuba, Nothing Is Going to Discourage us

Given the proximity to the east of the country of tropical storm Laura, the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, headed this Sunday afternoon a meeting of the Economic-Social Organ of the National Defense Council, where all the measures to protect the population and the resources of the economy, Cubadebate publishes.

When exchanging with the governors of the provinces from Guantánamo to Cienfuegos by videoconference and receiving information from the members of the Council of Ministers about the decisions taken in the face of the dangerous meteorological situation, the Head of State considered that “they have seriously worked on the clarification and in the execution of the measures foreseen for this stage and even with advances for the next moments”.

Díaz-Canel warned that “we have to be clear that we are going to experience a process of intense rains, with an impact on almost the entire national territory, from an event that can gain in organization and intensity in the next few hours and that can be more severe. Therefore, no one can underestimate it”, he said.

After hearing the details on the assurance of evacuation, food, water supply, electricity, health, education, labor regulations, communications, transportation and internal order, the president indicated that “the priorities are to save lives and protect the population and their belongings, as well as the assets of the economy, the social and state assets”.

Among these premises, the President of the Republic also highlighted the timely information to the people; the assurance and proper functioning of the evacuation centers; and the preparation of the serious work that the damage assessment commissions and the paperwork offices will have to do to subsequently serve the population.

After each one of the interventions of the ministers and presidents of institutes, Díaz-Canel issued precise instructions on prioritizing generator equipment in places of high sensitivity such as hospitals and food processing centers; not allowing indiscipline in high-risk places such as rivers and bridges; harvest as much as possible and distribute to the population; move to recovery in the shortest time possible; and avoid the transfer of people from one province to the other so as not to promote the spread of COVID-19 after Laura’s passage.

A fundamental issue that was reiterated on more than one occasion by the President of the Republic was related to strictly complying with the hygienic-sanitary measures that have been established to confront the epidemic, especially in evacuation centers.

“I am convinced that we are going to work together, with all our strength and talent. We are going to work as has always been done, with responsibility, with demand, with discipline and avoiding bungling”.

For that we count, he stressed, with the experience of the Revolution in confronting these phenomena and with the disposition of our people. “Once again, Cuba forces us that nothing is going to discourage us and this will also be an opportunity to grow and to win”.

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