Television Programming for Students who will not Restart the School Year

Cuba: A television program for students who cannot begin teaching activities in their institutions, due to residing in territories with epidemiological situations that do not allow it, has been scheduled on the Educational Channel, Radio Rebelde reports.

The objective is to consolidate the contents, until the school year begins. The fundamental activities will be directed to the preparation for the entrance exams to Higher Education, the preparation of the seminars and comprehensive tasks and other forms of evaluation.

This Tuesday, the course began with an Informative Magazine, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., aimed at publicizing the television activities that will take place on the stage. In a second moment, the national directors intervened to explain the particularities of each educational level.

The course did not begin on September 1 in the following municipalities: La Palma in Pinar del Río, Mariel and San Cristóbal in Artemisa, Cárdenas in Matanzas, Camajuaní in Villa Clara, and in the Mataguá Popular Council of Manicaragua.

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