Etecsa works to improve the 4G connection

Cuba: The Cuban Telecommunications Company S.A. (Etecsa) informs users of the Internet service through mobile data that 4G browsing is affected today, Radio Rebelde publishes.

According to a tweet from Etecsa, this situation occurs with all numbers except 53 and 54, so we work on solving the problem as soon as possible.

In the case of LTE packages and vouchers, as well as the LTE daily bag that expire today, the company decided to extend its validity, also clarifying that 3G browsing is maintained.

With the option of internet on the mobile since 2018, Etecsa began to offer a self-managed service that allows users to be connected without having to go to the Wi-fi zones or the Young Computer Clubs.

Although the company still has to work on issues such as the quality of the signal in some areas of the country or in the search for more affordable and striking options, the truth is that more and more users are opting for this connectivity route.

Etecsa has the mission of satisfying the needs of its clients and of society in general, by offering telecommunications services that contribute to increasing the quality of life of Cubans, with high social responsibility based on computerization and the development of the country.

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