Bolivia activates Internet network.

Bolivia: The de facto government of Bolivia activated today a fiber optic network designed by the executive of the then constitutional president Evo Morales, forced to resign in November due to a coup, Radio Rebelde reports.

The popular leader recalled on Twitter the purpose of the project to lower the cost of telecommunications, mobile telephony and the Internet of the Andean nation through that line extended to the Pacific by Peru.

According to the former vice president, the fiber optic network will save Bolivians a rent of 12 million dollars, with a final cost for the user of only about 4.45 (0.64 dollars) or 8.40 (1.2 dollars) Bolivians per mega.

The project launched now was conceived in November 2016 during the second session of the Bolivia-Peru Binational Cabinet and was ratified at such an appointment in September 2017.

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