Cuba pays tribute to the martyrs of the popular armed uprising of 1957

Havana: Cuba pays tribute today to the heroes and martyrs of the popular armed uprising of September 5, 1957 in Cienfuegos, in the south-central part of the Island, against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, Prensa Latina publishes.

The day will remember the action that allowed the revolutionary forces to take and maintain control of the city for 24 hours, and was repressed by the army of the tyranny that machine-gunned and indiscriminately bombed the neighborhoods and caused dozens of deaths, injuries and maimed among the population.

In the city of Cienfuegos, its inhabitants will evoke that event before the 11 plaques that mark places where the uprisings took place, led by members of the July 26 Movement and members of the Navy sympathizing with the revolutionary cause.

In addition, the condition ‘Youth for Life’ will be given to those who had a prominent participation in the confrontation with Covid-19, and morning meetings will be held in the main scenes of the insurrection, reported the Cuban News Agency.

The Tomás Acea Cemetery, where the remains of those who fell in the uprising lie, will also witness the tribute to the protagonists of the action that, despite its military failure, had a wide national repercussion, and revealed the criminal nature of the regime by Batista.

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