Jaruco guarantees the training of a qualified workforce.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Technical-Professional Education in Jaruco has as a social role in this resume of the school year, guaranteeing the training of the qualified workforce that the sectors of the economy in the territory need to encourage the production of goods and services.

As reported by Maricela Martínez, head of the Department of Technical and Professional Education in Jaruco, those who study the different specialties are directly linked to the work centers to socialize their knowledge.

She added that in recent years, transformations have been implemented aimed at giving prestige to this teaching and achieving a higher quality of the different processes that are carried out in it.

Maricela Martínez, head of the department of Technical and Professional Education in the municipality, said that in the specialty of Qualified Workers they currently have the careers of Agriculture, Food Processing and Masonry, and in the Medium Technicians are Accounting, Library Science, Capital Management Human and Hotel Accommodation.

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