Coleros, acaparadores y revendedores.

A topic that is not new, captures the attention of our press media in all these days, in that need to ponder the vocation of social justice and equity that has always characterized the Cuban Revolution, it is nothing more than that of the lines and line makers.

The first, unavoidable, given the shortcomings imposed by the cruel blockade that we have suffered, applied with all rigor and all hatred for an enemy who, despite his enormous strength, sees something in this small island of freedom that is inexplicable to him.

This one that almost on a whim wants to get on her knees against all odds, without taking into account that we are very obstinate and not by choice, on the contrary because we show them daily that as our Apostle said we always have “Plan against plan” and with intelligence and our best weapon, unity, invariably we always find victory.

To this is added our inability to produce more to help solve the enormous needs of basic products, inefficiencies that limit the harmonious and sufficient development of the country, that make us dependent on the harmful imports through which our precarious economy escapes, even more in times of a global pandemic.

Second, there are the line makers, a scourge born as the result of the own scarcity, who opportunistically thrive on the need of others.

To solve the problem, we think about the actions of the police and other actors, who, invested with a certain authority, consider them as the only shock force to fight them.

As well as many times, we also forget the historic call that our president Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez made, to Think like a country, about a year ago.

Although a few are unaware of the concept and act with a selfish mentality that has nothing to do with the values that it has been tried to promote and hoard and violate their compatriots with the abusive prices of resale, most would need to remember the phrase ad nauseam.

Today more than ever it should be a credo, because thinking of everyone for the good of everyone, together, has a more insurmountable moral force than all the power of public order put into function, not the old issue of queues, which already forms part of our idiosyncrasy, but in order to stop the iniquity of the line makers.

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