Beijing: China today accused the United States (USA) of promoting confrontation in the Indo-Pacific region with a strategy designed only with the idea of ​​serving its interests and propping up its hegemonic position, Prensa Latina publishes.

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, this proposal shows an outdated and cold war mentality, but also only threatens peace, development and stability in the area.

He denounced that Washington is thus trying to interfere in the ties of the countries in the area and demanded that it stop showing China as a threat to neighbors like India.

Regarding the border differences between Beijing and New Delhi, Wang commented on the continuity of negotiations and bilateral contacts in search of a peaceful solution.

This matter, he emphasized, is the sole responsibility of China and India, it is generally stable and does not require the interference of a third party.

The shift of focus from Asia-Pacific to the Indo-Pacific by the US was expressed in the National Security Strategy published in December 2017, the first such document produced by the administration of President Donald Trump.

This would imply forging a coalition with India, because of its central location in the new geostrategic conception, and also as the best way to contain China and Russia.

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