Diputados de Mayabeque en la segunda jornada de trabajo con vista al V Período de Sesiones de la Asamblea Nacional. Foto: Facebook

Mayabeque, Cuba: On the second day of the fifth regular session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), issues such as the confrontation with Covid-19, from its inception to the present were debated.

At the meeting, through videoconference, delegates from several provinces of the country, shared many of their experiences during the pandemic.

In the virtual meeting, the delegates insisted on the need to maintain hygienic-sanitary measures such as the use of the mask face, hand washing and physical distancing, in this new phase of normality that most of the island’s provinces live.

The Licenciate in Nursing, Rivir Morejón, member of the Health, Sports and Community Services of the ANPP and grassroot delegate of the district number 29, of the municipality of Madruga, referred to the behavior of Covid-19 in the province of Mayabeque .

She highlighted as one of the achievements of this hard work stage, that in the province no health personnel were infected with the new Coronavirus and no deaths from this condition have been reported to date.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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