Presidential elections in the United States.

Tension builds amid the wait for the final results and the name of the president of the United States begins to emerge. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is approaching victory after taking advantages in the counting of votes in decisive states and some media say he could make statements tonight, Radio Rebelde reports.

The pro-Biden trend continues in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia according to data from the Associated Press. If these votes are specified, he would win the presidency by 306 against Trump’s 232, but to win Pennsylvania is enough because hewould exceed the 270 votes.

Just a few minutes ago, the electoral authorities of Georgia held a press conference and described the result of the count as successful; while thanking the staff which has intervened in the process. The authorities denied a video that circulates on the networks and that supposedly was evidence of the mishandling of votes. Georgia is a state that grants 16 electoral votes.

For his part, the spokesman for the Trump campaign, Matt Morgan, issued a statement stating that this election has not ended because the false projection that Biden won is based on the results of 4 states that are far from final.

Nanci Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, delivered a speech in the afternoon where she celebrated Biden’s victory and called Trump’s attitude harmful.

Concentrations are expected tonight in different parts of the country throughout the country and different media have made visible images that reflect the uncertainty and concern about the final results.

Donald Trump’s campaign is now confident that the lawsuits he has filed to challenge the scrutiny in four hinge states will bear some significant fruit or that there will be counts in several of those territories that will transform the electoral map.

Some press media assure that the path to the re-election of US President Trump is increasingly narrow and necessarily passes through Pennsylvania, without whose 20 delegates it will be impossible for him to achieve a second term in the White House, which is why he insists on denouncing “fraud” without presenting evidence and predicting a legal battle to keep in power.

Uncertainty grows in the midst of a tense election. There is no official winner. Donald Trump has so far obtained seven million more votes than in 2016, with at least 69.9 million ballots, while Joe Biden leads him by 4 million votes with almost 74 million. It remains to be seen if a president finally emerges in the next few hours.

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