ETECSA enables useful telephone numbers before tropical storm Eta passes through Cuba.

Cuba: Given the proximity of tropical storm Eta to the national territory, the Cuban Telecomunications Enterprise S.A. (ETECSA by its Spanish initials) provided telephone numbers for the population to stay informed during the meteorological event, reports the Cuban News Agency.

Telephone access was provided to provincial radio stations in each territory through the number 18899, which will be accessed from landlines and free of charge during the different phases decreed, refers today a note from the entity’s Communication Directorate.

In addition, access to the Radio Reloj station is available through the number 800 73565.

These actions, the note points out, will help the population to keep abreast of the evolution of the storm and the information from the Civil Defense.

As part of the actions carried out to face the cyclone, ETECSA specialists and technicians work to protect the facilities and networks to minimize, as far as possible, the damage that may occur in the affected areas.

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