La agricultura y la necesidad de multiplicarse.

Mayabeque, Cuba: With light but constant rainfall, the rains of tropical storm Eta have caused difficulties for agriculture in the province to comply with the program of harvesting products destined for different consumers.

Agricultural companies and other entities in the sector have prioritized the extraction of those lines ready for human and animal consumption, whose land has allowed them to work due to their low humidity level. In this sense, banana, cassava and sweet potato have been collected, among other crops that have been sent to the markets.

The state director of Agriculture in the territory, Juan Carlos Borges Estévez, reported that the main efforts are dedicated to strengthening the sowing campaign of the current cold stage, which is fundamentally delayed for the reasons stated above.

Each unit, mainly the so-called productive poles, has its strategy to make the most of the human and material resources available, among them, guaranteeing the planting of potatoes to ratify Mayabeque as the largest producer of the tuber in the country and increase yields per hectare.

For its part, sugarcane agriculture reports areas with flooding, mainly in the southern fringe, but these do not compromise the quality of the raw material for the coming harvest in which the agro-industrialists will seek to improve the main indicators, among them, the tons per hectare which here exceed the national average.

Agriculture has a hundred micro-dams that, along with the rest of the reservoirs, today show only a filling capacity of 39 percent: Mampostón at 11, Pedroso at 96, La Ruda at 102, Aguas Claras 61, Canasí 50, Jibacoa 99 , Jaruco 69 and San Miguel 102.

Saving this vital resource will guarantee the cold season that began in September and should provide the largest volumes of agricultural products for self-sufficiency and delivery to the country’s capital, as part of the food and nutritional guarantee that is a priority in the economic strengthening and local development.

Alberto Gutiérrez Walón

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