Legal norm on policy of improvement of services and procedures of the housing system approved.

Cuba: With the purpose of raising the quality of services, reducing, whenever possible, the number of procedures for the population and meeting the growing demand, with the seriousness and respect that the citizen deserves, the legal norm on the policy for the improvement of services and procedures of the housing system is published today in the ordinary Official Gazette No. 81.

This norm includes Resolution 57 of October 30, 2020, of the President of the Physical Planning Institute (IPF), which eliminates the technical document prepared by the community architect, prior to the technical opinion of description, appraisal and measurements and boundaries, issued by the municipal directorates of Physical Planning (DMPF), the Granma newspaper publishes.

 It embraces Resolution 59: Procedure for updating the description of the dwelling in the property titles, which establishes that the update is processed by the population before the DMPF, presenting the property title and five pesos in stamps.

Next, the aforementioned technical opinion is drawn up, and the resolution is issued ex officio, which complements the property title with all the necessary elements for registration in the Property Registry.

The Head of the Independent Legal Department of the IPF, Diana Rosa Suárez Matías, commented to Granma that the procedure allows simplifying the processing of processes, since it concentrates the efforts of those interested in the DMPF.

She stressed that, when Resolution 59 enters into force, natural persons who need to update the title of ownership of their home to register it in the Property Registry, have up to six years, from this date, to be processed.

Ramón Nodal Jorge, Director of Land Registry and Information at the IPF, stressed that Resolution 60 of October 30, 2020: Procedure for the issuance of cadastral certifications in urban human settlements, establishes that all property that has a cadastral survey does not require a technical opinion.

When the application is presented, one goes to the property, the cadastral investigation is carried out, the data is entered in the Catastro Information System (SISCAT) and the cadastral certification is issued in 30 days, as established by legal regulations.

The document clarifies that, if when the natural person submits the request, the property has the survey, investigation and data in the SISCAT, the cadastral certification is issued within a period of seven business days, in correspondence with the provisions of the Decree No. 13, Amending Decree 331, and Regulation of the Decree Law Organization and Operation of the National Catastro. The value of 50 pesos for the Cadastral Certification is maintained.

The catastro recognizes as valid the measurements and boundaries, and the surfaces of the properties located in registered blocks, which are updated and registered in the Property Registry, unless there is a difference in areas that gives rise to a vacant lot, public area or additional area, and when there is overlap of the property with respect to the adjoining one.

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