Mayabeque, Cuba: For Ana Elena López Fleita being a teacher is her passion. Many times when exercising her work, she was surprised by the most beloved of all Cubans, our Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, who on his tours of the area came to the El Rubio community.

There he visited the Rolando Valdivia Fernández School, today a mixed center of the educational sector in the territory.

For Ana Elena, Fidel Castro was an impressive man: “He was tall, he greeted me, he told me that I was very young and asked me how my professional training had been, why I had chosen that profession, the conversation was short because afterwards he addressed the children”.

“He asked the students their grade, what subject they were taking, he reviewed several notebooks and praised them for the beautiful letters, for not having spelling errors, he exhorted them to continue like this, with a character that at first seems to be severe, but when he talked, he was charismatic, he said funny things so that people would feel relaxed”, the teacher continues.

“The Commander loved to talk with the children, share with them, the children asked him and he answered how was his passage in the Sierra, how the Rebel Army was organized, everyone wanted to know.”

Having the opportunity to meet Fidel was an experience that Ana Elena will never be able to forget, experiences that will be stories to tell to his children and grandchildren.

Liliany Ceballos

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