A day like today you left for the place of the immortals, Fidel … your memory will last forever, you taught us to think, reflect on humanity, as you said on one occasion: A better world is possible … and yes it is … where free women and men see the sun rise every day at dawn and lead their lives of love and peace.

You taught us with your example the unconditional dedication to the country, you guided us by feelings of solidarity, altruism, and so many others that we will never forget… because you were that inspiration that always guided the triumphant Revolution.

With you, Fidel, we learned to be brave and face every pain caused by the attack of the United States on our country, where the children of this land have been seen to die.

We do not forget the words you spoke during the funeral service to the victims of the sabotage of the Cuban plane in Barbados, on October 15, 1976: “We cannot say that the pain is shared. The pain multiplies. Millions of Cubans cry today with the loved ones of the victims of this heinous crime. And when an vigorous and virile people cry, injustice trembles!”

Every phrase expressed by you Commander lives in us today, wiser and more intelligent than ever… because you were an example to follow, your wonderful work will last forever… ..that is why where a good Cuban rises he tells you: I am Fidel.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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