Brasilia: The governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, denounced that the government of Jair Bolsonaro interferes today in the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) against the development of CoronaVac, the Chinese Anti-Covid-19 vaccine, in association with the Butantan Institute, Prensa Latina publishes.

Anvisa reported that Butantan did not provide the results of any phase of CoronaVac’s clinical research with humans.

In this regard, Doria told the Metrópolis news portal that CoronaVac can be applied in the country, even if it does not obtain Anvisa’s registration, as long as it receives the endorsement of regulatory bodies in other countries.

He specified that the surveillance agency is under suspicion of obstruction of Bolsonaro administration that attacks the Chinese drug for purely ideological reasons.

“We were not expecting any interference, and indeed there is. There are clear suspicions of an intervention by the Planalto Palace (headquarters of the Executive Power) in Anvisa ”, he reiterated.

In fact, he remarked, “the best proof of this was a post by President Bolsonaro celebrating: I won and Doria lost.”

The governor explained that there is no other way to release the vaccine within the criteria of Anvisa, the same as international protocols of health surveillance organizations that also evaluate CoronaVac in the United States, Europe, and especially in Asia.

Doria argued that tests with 50,000 Chinese volunteers showed an immune efficacy of 95.7 percent. The results are expected to be released in the first week of December.

On November 19, the government of Sao Paulo received the first 120 thousand doses of CoronaVac, one of the four candidates for the new vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, which is being tested in the country. .

“At the end of December there will be six million doses, in January, 46 million. And very soon, we can reach 100 million. We have, yes, other vaccines as well. The vaccine saves, the vaccine can put normality in the life of the country”, commented Doria after receiving the batch.

According to the most recent bulletin of the Ministry of Health, Brazil accumulates 171,460 deaths and 6 million 204,220 infected by Covid-19.

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