Aprueban medidas para recuperar turismo global frente a Covid-19.

Canary Islands: The recommendations approved today at the International Conference for the Recovery of Tourism in the world are supported by 95 countries to save the sector and millions of jobs that depend on it, Prensa Latina reports.

In the final declaration of the event, held in La Palma, Canary Islands, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC in English) supported the adoption of international protocols for the tests that detect Covid-19, before the departure of the travelers and acceptance of the results upon arrival at the destination.

According to the text, the establishment of sanitary control measures like this one, will allow shorter quarantine periods when returning to the country of origin, or could lead to the elimination of quarantines completely.

It also proposes to establish international agreements to implement international corridors that facilitate the return of both business and pleasure trips between countries or cities with similar epidemiological situations.

The agreements invited travel and tourism companies to adapt and facilitate travel in the context of the pandemic, offer flexible reservations, payment conditions or changes in positive cases of Covid-19, and affordable or higher-value products to encourage tourist activity.

The Conference urged all parties to adjust their business models to the new global situation and to work together to develop training programs to improve and empower tourism workers and small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector to adapt to the new normality.

Finally, a more inclusive and resilient industry will be promoted by strengthening sustainability practices in tourism. The president of the WTTC, Gloria Guevara, stressed that a protocol that includes a quick test at the exit is crucial for the sector, so the Declaration of La Palma will support in the execution of this and all the proposals presented by the Council in the G20 meeting last month.

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