Rememoran Levantamiento Armado de Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba: Like every November 30, the people of Santiago de Cuba remembered the armed uprising of the city in support of the Granma landing and when the olive-green uniform and the red-black bracelet became a symbol of rebellion and patriotism for the first time, Radio Reloj reported.

This year, in compliance with the sanitary measures, the act of remembrance featured a small group of people from this city who accompanied the presidency by placing flowers in front of the monument to the fallen in the Loma del Intendente.

On this glorious day they remembered Frank País, a young man from Santiago who organized the uprising, and his comrades Tony Alomá, Pepito Tey and Otto Parellada, martyrs of that feat. As part of the tribute, the authorities of Santiago de Cuba visited fighters on November 30, who due to the pandemic, will not be present at the activities.

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