Centros educativos de Mayabeque aportan a la soberanía alimentaria.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The province applies the food sovereignty plan in the education sector with the aim of increasing food production in schools.

The Labor Training Methodologist of the Provincial Directorate of Education, José Luis González Martínez explained that the territory has 30 educational centers with a little more than 50 hectares of land, used in the cook’s garden in the planting of condiments, medicinal plants and vegetables.

These products are used to supply educational centers, nursing homes and maternity homes and food kitchens.

González Martínez added that Mayabeque also has six polytechnic institutes that are dedicated to planting more complex crops such as fruit trees, vegetables and meats.

They also are developing a livestock module with goat, sheep and livestock species. All productions are obtained by the workers and students from each educational center.

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