Michel Mujica, Venezuelan ambassador to France.

Paris: The Venezuelan ambassador to France, Michel Mujica, today defended the constitutional nature of Sunday’s parliamentary elections in his country and highlighted the participation of more than a hundred political organizations of various tendencies, Prensa Latina publishes.

The diplomat insisted that the appointment at the polls, which summons more than 20 million voters, fulfills a mandate of the Constitution and registers more than 14 thousand candidates for the 277 seats of the National Assembly.

According to Mujica, it is an electoral process resulting from the consensus among political actors, including the democratic opposition, with full guarantees of transparency by a modern and audited system.

The elections will have international observers and extensive press coverage, with French journalists and companions present, he assured in this capital.

For the ambassador, questioning the legitimacy of women parliamentarians and trying to boycott them is major political nonsense.

In this sense, he criticized the position of the European Union (EU) and its subordination to the anti-Venezuelan crusade of the United States, whose government is waging an open campaign for regime change.

How can be explained, that the alleged defenders of democracy and dialogue act in this way?, he asked.

For Mujica, the hostile position of the EU, in addition to supporting the destabilization promoted by Washington, tries to legitimize characters without support and credibility in the Venezuelan people, such as the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó, who lacks real power and has no recognition even among the opponents themselves.

The parliamentarians represent the opportunity, regardless of the winners and losers, to provide the country with a National Assembly that works, controls and proposes laws, in an attitude well away from the destabilization for which in the last five years deputies have bet from the hemicycle opponents.

He also highlighted solidarity in France and other countries, where political forces, trade unionists, social activists and citizens demand respect for the sovereignty and the right to self-determination of Venezuelans.

Recent letters sent to the EU and to President Emmanuel Macron to demand that respect from the Venezuelan people and women parliamentarians stand out, he stressed.

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