Luis Almagro, secretario general de la Organización de Estados Americanos.

La Paz: The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, must give explanations, at the request of the Andean Parliament, about his role in the violent crisis that in 2019 led to the coup against then-President Evo Morales.

This was specified by the Bolivian president of the Andean Parliament, Adolfo Mendoza, on the agreement of the sub-regional legislative bloc that makes up Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, to request an audit of the controversial report of the Organization of American States (OAS) that triggered that crisis.

The Latin American Information Agency (PL) reports that the legislator indicated that one of the eight points to be clarified in the audit refers to the impact of Almagro’s statements, “on the institutional breakdown of November 2019”.

The pro-American official questioned the legality of the October 2018 elections, based on a report by the OAS supervisory commission that spoke of errors and irregularities, which led the opposition to allege fraud and unleash the coup.

The first point of the audit aims to verify the technical consistency of the aforementioned report and the second a comparative analysis of the data of the preliminary results with respect to the final calculation.

Parlandino’s request also asks for explanations about the scope of Almagro’s mission decision to work with preliminary data and not with those of the final computation and on the statistical analysis model used by the group.

The audit should provide more details on the minutes observed as irregular by the OAS, on the comparison between the results at the polling stations observed and those recorded in previous elections, and the impact of the OAS reports on the annulment of the elections.

In agreeing to the request, Parlandino urged the diplomatic representatives of the Andean countries at the OAS to support the request for the audit. Mendoza highlighted the fact that the representative of Mexico in the OAS asked to review the report on the 2019 elections and added that at least 28 North American congressmen have also requested an audit on the document.

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