Mexico: The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, supported today the decision of the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, to stop the construction of the border wall promoted by Donald Trump, according to Prensa Latina.

That wall is very good because each president of that country made a piece of it, all, Democrats and Republicans, in the 3,200 kilometers of borders, López Obrador said in his usual morning press conference at the National Palace.

In this regard, he revealed that William Clinton, a Democrat, built 100 kilometers of wall in his two terms; George W. Bush, Republican, 780 the most powerful; and Barack Obama, Democrat, 222.

Trump, defeated in the campaign for a second term, built 386 kilometers in his four years of government, and the fact that Biden says that the wall is no longer being built means that, at least, in these four years its construction will be zero, and I celebrate that decision, López Obrador said.

He assured that those details about that fence were not known by many Mexicans, hence the importance of guaranteeing the right to information for everyone.

He also praised the announcement of the new US president to return to the Paris Agreement as it is very favorable for the whole world and Mexico is part of that important environmental policy.

López Obrador also stepped out to those who criticize the energy aspect of the tripartite trade agreement with the United States and Canada, and clarified that it was Mexico who proposed and it was accepted after much tension and negotiations, because that sector of the economy did not appear in the agreement. .

He revealed that this was the reason for a substantive difference with the other two partners, “the talks broke down, but we did not accept how that chapter was written in defense of a business minority, and finally Mexico’s position was accepted.”

He explained that chapter eight of the treaty clearly established the parties’ commitment to full respect for sovereignty and their right to regulate, in accordance with their constitutions and internal rights in accordance with their democratic concepts.

“Therefore, the United States and Canada recognize that Mexico reserves its sovereign right to reform its Constitution and its internal legislation, and we did not commit the energy sector and everything it represents in the treaty, and there will be no changes because we eliminate the policy of dismantling the nation’s companies ”, he concluded.

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